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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An enjoyable ramble

For Anzac Day, avoiding the rush at the Shrine, we took a peaceful ramble from the Collingwood Children's Farm across to Dight's falls. It was a beautiful walk, not at all spoilt by the number of bikes out, even if they mostly forgot to use their bells!

The kids fed the horses and donkeys at the farm and we finished up by going down to the Convent, where we found "Lentil as Anything", an impressive veggo cafe. At "Lentil as Anything", there is no cashier, nothing but a box, to drop your cash in at the end. You "Pay as you like", according to what you think the food is worth. We ate Udon, which was obviously Japanese cuisine influenced and a "curry platter", great food and good coffee - much impressed.