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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mr Pineapple Head

Fabulous Fruit Fantasy:

Well, thats what I wanted to call the party we held recently for our 10 yr old, but it was vetoed. In the end we had 'Fruit fun', which hasn't such a ring to it, has it? Whatever the case, Melbourne in early summer is perfect for fruit-themed parties, we soon discovered. Probably having a chocolate fountain at our place was a touch of finesse, although the child who discovered braces were good not just for your teeth, but helpful for gathering chocolate probably violated a few health regulations!

If you can get to the Victoria Market, you can do this kind of party in style...
and we managed. After a fruity fashion parade, we walked the girls dressed as little fruit down to the park, reminding them not to get squashed on the road. Our games included: Watermelon relay (around the lake in the park); Apple bowls, Watermelon smash, orange relay (You know that one where you pass on the orange without using your hands), Banana Karaoke (a favourite) and 'Fruity Tongue Twisters'. I'm just not sure whether wearing the pineapple on my head was such a good idea...