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Friday, January 11, 2008

Caught between two worlds

Last week we were in the blue mountains and decided to take on one of the 'difficult' walks, called the 'national pass', which started in the 'valley of the waters' and went along a path between two cliffs to the mid-point of the Wentworth Falls. L and G were suitably excited about going on a difficult walk, and with some misgivings we set off, starting at a waterfall where we had seen abseilers the previous day, coming down the fall with or without helmets and jumping the last 10 metres into the pool at the bottom.

It turned out to be a magic walk, water frequently angled over us from the cliffs above, and when we made it to Wentworth falls, the reward for L and myself was a pounding under another set of falls. Climbing up again was via a zigzag extreme path up the cliff itself, where we saw lizards and black cockatoos. As we neared the finish of the climb, there were suddenly hosts of people, who had walked down from the carpark, to get to the first lookout. The tourist on a mobile phone was a bit jarring at the lookout, but we were able to look straight down to where we had been in the water. The kids kept saying, 'Difficult is easier than easy!'.