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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Its enough to make you sick, isn't it! The way Australia is being governed, is pretty shocking. Tonight, I heard Brian Howe, former Deputy PM of Australia speaking at a small theological college in the city. I hadn't realised that Brian is also a Uniting Church minister. His formative years were spent in social advocacy for multicultural issues in Melbourne. He fought against high rise and freeways and for acceptance of refugees. In his view, the Australian government currently is 'experimenting' with its people... He was passionate about housing, and has seen Public Housing stocks in Australia, reduce from 5% to about 4% in Victoria today. Compare that to 40% in the UK about 15 years ago.

It appears reasonably easy to see the current Aussie government's priorities. Today, Howard announced a 10 billion dollar boost to the army.

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