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Friday, November 26, 2010

Is this really 'Christian' voting???

If you read the Saltshaker organisation's website about the 2010 Victorian State Election, you'll find this table:

It purports to be a table showing how each of the parties voted for "bad" legislation.  There is no discussion provided here on why these are categorically negative.  I'm sure personally, that this stance is biblically challengeable.  Also, the Saltshakers have the following short statement on their homepage: 
Our children deserve to have something to look forward to, that's why Salt Shakers is dedicated to helping Christians understand the times and equipping them to be salt and light in the community by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting today's society.

Does being more aware of ethical issues mean seeing things in black and white?  Perhaps it is true that at least Saltshakers are engaging with politics.  Jurgen Moltmann, German theologian, said in 1971,

‘[The Christian community’s] new task then will lie in struggling against not only religious superstition but also political idolatry, not only religious alienation of man but also his political, social, and racial alienation in order to serve the liberation of man to his likeness to God in all areas where he suffers from inhumanity.’ (sic) J┼▒rgen Moltmann, ‘Political Theology’ in Theology Today, April, 1971;

As those Victorians amongst us vote tomorrow, may we in the voice of Moltmann support the liberation of men and women in all areas where he/she suffers, ready to enter the complexities of life, rather than mounting simplistic diatribes and misguided campaigns, labelling the 'other' as inhuman.

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