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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rome to London

We've made it to London last night where it's very cold and wet! We've put away our Euros and taken out Pounds instead (we've been very fortunate with our conversions).
And we are getting used to traffic being back on the left!

We had fine sunny days in Rome to explore ruins, museums and climb towers.
Someone had told me to climb St Peter's Basilica to see across Rome. It wasn't until we were climbing inside curved walls just before closing that I realised that this meant to the top of Michelangelo's dome. And climbing stairs between the inside and external domes! The discomfort (climbing inside frightening confined spaces with a very sore throat) was worth it in the end with us arriving just at sunset. Gw loved it (it wasn't in any guide books) and wanted to know who had suggested it (I think it was Anita). L and G went ahead then lost us and ended up doing the climb twice!!
One local told us Rome is a good place to visit but not to live. We loved the coffee, pizza (yes gluten free too), shopping and historic streets to get lost in. But it is good to be back where we are understood now without the street protests blocking our pathways and crazy traffic!

The last few days have been a bit of a blur I'm dosed up on a mix of Italian and English cold and flu concoctions. If the sore throat hasn't gone today then I'll try make it to a doctor tomorrow. I might just go out for half a day today and leave the others to the London Tower. The guards hotel where we are staying is comfortable though next time we won't try to cross Hyde park with all our luggage just to avoid the tube (maybe 3km).

The children in the UK are back at school so queues are unremarkable. We might stop at Marylebone High street's Daunt books for some respite before the rain clears at lunchtime.
Tomorrow we head out to Northampton to spend the weekend with friends. No plans there yet but good company.

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