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Friday, March 10, 2006

The True Royal Family (Black GST)

What are the groups that are feeling excluded from the party that seems to be the Commonwealth Games? Well, the Black GST is an example. This group is calling for "Genocide to end, Sovereignty to be acknowledged and a Treaty to be made". Wouldn't it be about time?! Here is their news:
Where: Kings Domain Garden

When: 8.30am around the Sacred Fire
Each morning we sit around the Sacred Fire and plan out the days actions according to the vibes of the day. Come along and visit the campsite to learn something from the oldest known culture on the planet. It is rumoured the next big action will be Sunday March 19th Countless smaller, maybe more pertinent & original actions will occur between now and then - especially if you join in. Just walking down the street is causing enough commotion for Aboriginal people in Melbourne at the moment. In the meantime the cultural floodgates are open with the learning 24/7. Between smoking ceremonies, welcoming ceremonies, live bands & the occasional film, this would have to be the best opportunity for Australians to visit and learn about a culture that feels it has little respect. Also, some have noted just how lucky we are to be on not only sacred land , but also in heart of all the action. Come and set up camp in this proudly non-violent "dry" zone. A real community bond is growing - imagine how good life could be if white Australians no longer suffered from 'Whiteman's Whiplash' - that frozen look that comes across the guilty party when their head snaps the other way as they walk past an Aboriginal human being, subconsciously realising that they know nothing of the people that have lived on this planet for longer than any other. Time Is Now!

Another group excluded from this celebration is the homeless of Melbourne. Urban Seed has said that marginalised and homeless people have experienced prejudice, misunderstanding and fear because of the increased public scrutiny of the Games. See the full article here.

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