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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whaling くじらをかうこと

Well, I got in trouble recently for emailing a letter encouraging people to sign a petition lead by Greenpeace
Anyway, I forwarded the letter to a Japanese Teacher's Network and got howled down. One guy even emailed me, assumed I wasn't a Japanese teacher and asked me who put me onto the network.

So, what of whaling?! Greenpeace says on that link that Sealord tuna, which we can buy in Aussie Supermarkets is 50% owned by Nissui, who is a major owner of the commercial whaling operation. I am now studying an Environmental subject and just might use this issue for my tut presentation. Its not a completely cut and dry issue... Here is a picture of a Southern Right Whale, of which, according to some estimations there are less than 300 left in the world.

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