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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Commonwealth Games

Yes, they're coming to our neighbourhood - all of 6 km from where i live. And yeah, we're going to go along for a few events. Apparently, Melbourne will be shutting down for the Commonwealth games. School holidays have been re-organised, so we only have a six week first term. At the school where I work, this has been shortened to five weeks (Activity week in week 6), so that teams that want to can practise on our esteemed ovals! The Education department has put out a map of the world for the Commonwealth Games to the local primary schools. Unfortunately they forgot to put down most of the countries which have emerged in the last 10 years. Sorry Croatia, Latvia and Estonia.

The whole city centre will be shut down for some events, but at least us lucky ticket holders will have free public transport on the day of the event. And me? I too could have been in an event, except for a broken rib, scored a week ago on the basis of a ridiculous game on the beach. And i hadn't even been drinking. Anyway, some of our friends are saying that they're going to rent out their house for $1000 a week while the games are here.

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