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Saturday, December 17, 2011

First extract from Ge's travel diary: Day 1, Europe!

Then M left for work so seeing as we were jet lagged, we all had a sleep and I woke at 10:30am. We decided to go shopping, so we went for a walk and found some shops. First we had a look around the mall, then we went to a place called V&D. (ED: Pronounced Vay and Day).

I had a look with Dad as we split up. My favourite parts were the Harry Potter section and the chocolates section. (ED: I second that) After an hour of shopping, we met at the cafe. I got a lemonade and L, Mum and Dad got coffee. (ED: let's just say it wasn't the best coffee they have tasted )They all wanted boots, so we went shoe shopping (I found that boring). They all got shoes so we went to the post office to post some stuff.

After that, we went to the supermarket (on the way we got hotdogs)(ED: L and K remembered this particular hotdog place from the last trip!). We got some stuff for dinner and some (ED: A lot of) snacks. When we finished shopping, we went back (still walking) and I had a croissant and some stroopwaffles. After we finished food, we started a Sherlock Holmes novel (as a serial), which was very interesting (ED: Especially when Dad did an English accent). Then, I relaxed in bed and wrote this.
By Ge

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Abbie said...

My mouth is watering at the mention of those stroop waffles. We're they the yummy fresh ones hot of the waffle iron? I think I was born to live in the Netherlands. Xo love abb