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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Almost ready...

Ok, so now that we're all organised for something to do next year, ie. Ge has a high school to go to, K has a job, L and Gw are just doing the same as ever... just a few things to do before we take off next week for Europe! A bit of 3 on 3, a few parties, a get-together with the deacons at the new place, an orientation day, a graduation and then we take off!

Our first airline to Singapore is Jetstar, so should we purchase some food/drinks at the airport, or just buy something on the plane??

We'll probably put up occasional notes/photos on this blog, not just by me, but also by whoever wants to... it seems that we may not only stay in Ghent, Belgium, but also in a seaside town, of which the name currently eludes me. So, a seaside holiday in a North Sea destination, but we're told that there will be an ice-skating rink here, so thats something to look forward to...

I'm excited about the Tintin museum in Brussels, I'll ask the others what they are most looking forward to as well.

By Gw

I thought I'd let Ge sign off, from this, the first post, pre-Eurotrip. So here is his signature, with a few sound effects, from a little while ago! Just click on the video below.

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