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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Qrriving in Belgiu,

Yay! We are in Belgium now! Before leaving, when we went out to load the car, there was snow on it from the night. We had the clear it off with warm water. At about 9:30, we left. Over the border, nearly everything was covered with a thin layer of snow. Soon, we got to the house. The-person-we-house-swapped-with's Mum got there too, let us in and showed us around the house. G and I went outside and had a massive snowball fight. We came inside later to our rooms, on the third floor. Mum and Dad's room is on the second floor and the living room is on the bottom floor. We had pizza/sushi and chips for dinner. Oh yes, also, you may have noticed that there are a couple of spelling errors in the title... that's because the keyboard here is different to the one back home, so I have had to concentrate to make sure I don't make any more in this.
Bye for now,
By L

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